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  • Michael Kohnhorst

TJ & Dave — Adjoining Rooms

improvisation duo TJ & Dave pose beside an abandoned derelict swimming pool.
TJ & Dave ponder the pool

The black and white photograph I did for TJ & Dave (Improvisation Duo TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi) on the Qunicy El platform in the spring of 2015 led to a conversation with director Ron Lazzeretti. He’d been kicking around the idea of taking TJ, Dave and that wonderful improvisation thing they do on location and somehow making a film of it. This seems like a simple proposition, but almost all decisions related to shooting a film begin with the script and we would never have a script. We finally arrived at the notion that the location would be the key element or at least a jumping off point. Ron and I began by looking at barns, diners, abandoned small towns, ancient grocery stores and miscellaneous filling stations. The second time out we were accompanied by David Pasquesi. We settled upon the Manor Motel near Joliet as the most likely location to give TJ and Dave something to work with. Lisa Masseur, Executive Producer at One@Optimus, pulled together the personnel and gear we would need. Shoot day started out as a bit of an experiment that quickly evolved into an actual filmed story. We put three camera operators and a boom man into the small motel room and shot TJ & Dave as they created, through multiple takes, the short film, “Adjoining Rooms.” After we finished shooting we went out to the pool and made the photograph at the top of this page. Working with Ron, Mike Berg did a wonderful edit and our colorist, Ron Sudul of Nice Shoes, smoothed out the differences between our three disparate cameras. Its runs about 13 and 1/2 minutes.


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